“I have made it my mission to create beautiful images”

Hi there!  I’m Sue, founder of Sue Salamon Photography.  I love taking all kinds of photographs, but I specialise in Personal Branding Photography and Portraits.

Sue Salamon Camera Image Portrait

The popularity of communicating through social media platforms like Instagram, and ‘image-heavy’ websites has brought photography to the front and centre of business branding.

If you want to attract your ideal customers, you have to be able to represent yourself online in a way that communicates the very beating heart of your business. Good photography can help an organisation to communicate its values, opinions, customer benefits and the way it does business.

I have made it my mission to create beautiful images which do just that.

In a world where we seek connection, authenticity and approachability, your customers want to do business with people they trust and can relate to.  The images that you use on your website, brochures or social media channels will help to develop these feelings of trust and understanding.

As a branding photographer and visual marketing expert my aim is to:

  • Tell your brand story the way you want it to be told.
  • Provide a beautiful set of images that will help you to promote yourself and your business authentically, and allow you to be more profitable while doing what you love.
  • Enable you to feel totally at ease in front of the camera so that having your photo taken becomes an enjoyable and memorable experience.