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Summer is a time for downing tools and getting away from it all. Often it’s to somewhere hot and sunny (especially if you live in the UK like I do). Is it your time to get away yet? My summer break has been and gone and what a wonderful time I had with my family.  It was our first time in Majorca and we’ve fallen in love with the island.  Whilst it was a time for fun and relaxation my camera was always by my side to catch those special moments and the street life in quaint Majorcan villages.  You might be thinking holidays are a time for me to switch off and not to lift a finger, and I completely agree.  I would however, like to cheekily suggest that in a fun and creative way,  you do take some “on brand” snaps whilst you’re away.

You will no doubt travel with your phone or maybe another type of camera? If your brand is all about travel, sport, adventures, food, architecture or simply sitting at the beach, then this might then be the perfect opportunity for you to create some visual content.

  • Do some homework before you go. What type of content would be relevant for your brand? For e.g. if you are a nutritionist or health coach you might want to focus on local food markets. Take one morning with your camera and browse through the markets or the restaurants & cafe’s that you eat and drink in. Look for colours that work with your branding, create a little story around these images. Consider where you would post them on your website, on Instagram or in a future blog post?

I understand how time-consuming it is to feel that you always need to create new content. If you’re up for the challenge though, this is a time in the year where creating your visual content can be fun and more relaxing.

A little planning ahead is key.  Perhaps think about creating a Pinterest board with ideas about the location you are visiting.  Find images that inspire you and would work with your brand.  Consider locations that may be of interest to all the people you’re travelling with and make it fun for them too. (My son loves pretending to be my photographer!).

If you come back home from your holiday with 20 images, you will have created images that are unique and tailored to you and your brand. Images that connect with you and your clients emotionally.  They will create a much more authentic impression than some of the stock images that you can buy and will be more cost effective in the long run with the added benefit of the copyright belonging to you.

Use your calendar to plan when and where you will use these images and use design tools such as or other apps to add quotes and text to them for use in social media or your blogs.

I do hope that this post will have sparked some ideas for your visual content and that you have a fun and enjoyable time away.

If you want some inspiration, you can follow me on Instagram.  I look forward to bringing you lots of new content in September and I’ll be announcing the launch of two brand new packages to help you tell the story of your personal brand.

If you are curious to find out more about creating visual content for your business I’d love to hear from you. Connect with me at

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