Getting to know each other

We’ll start with a simple questionnaire followed by a 30-minute strategy session so I can get to know more about who you are, your clients, the kind of brand statement you want to make and how you plan to use the images. If you’ve got specific ideas about what you want to see when you open your gallery, this is the best time to discuss them.

Getting creative

I’ll develop a visual online space where we can share ideas for locations, props, poses and styles.  You’ll also receive a copy of my ‘Preparing for a Photoshoot’ guide, which will help you get totally ready and feeling confident about your shoot.

Sue Salamon Photography - The Experience

Getting specific

This time we’ll talk in more depth about how we’ll create your photos to capture your personal style and share your message.  We’ll finalise design elements and props, colours that you’d like to incorporate, and specific shots that you may have in mind.  We’ll also agree the final locations, timings, travel arrangements and ensure hair and or make-up artists are booked if you aren’t planning to do your own hair and make-up.

On the day

You may be super excited, a bag of nerves, or both!  Don’t worry, I totally understand.  Everyone feels a bit self-conscious or nervous when in front of the camera (even me – I much prefer to be behind the lens!).

Rest assured, you won’t be the first, and you’re in capable hands.  I’ll help and guide you every step of the way. I’m an expert on the most flattering positions and camera angles, and I’ll use this knowledge to direct you so you look your best and get the most out of your shoot.

Just bring yourself, your make-up in case you need to reapply it, props and spare clothes for changes if you want to appear in different outfits.


After the shoot I’ll spend about two weeks editing the raw images down to a collection of the very best shots. When I’m happy that they are ready to be seen I’ll send you an invitation to view your own private online photo gallery. From there you’ll be able to choose the final shots that you’d like me to deliver.

Horsham Photographer - Sue Salamon Photography